RFP Documents

Active RFQ - Request for Quotes for Lawn Services
Request for Quotes - Lawn Mowing, Trimming, and Pine Straw for all HOUPL Branches
Please submit quotes with accompanying required documentation by July 17, 2024 to Cynthia Spratling, Business Manager at cspratling@houpl.org

Active RFQ - Request for Quotes for HVAC Maintenance 
Request for Quotes - Contractual HVAC Preventative Maintenance Services for all HOUPL Branches
Please submit quotes with accompanying required documentation by June 24, 2024 to Cynthia Spratling, Business Manager at cspratling@houpl.org

We use E-Verify.

E-Verify Compliance

The Georgia E-Verify law requires contractors and all sub-contractors on Georgia public contracts (contracts with a government agency) for the physical performance of services over $2,499.99 in value to enroll in EVerify, regardless of the number of employees. A contractor or sub-contractor may be exempt from this requirement if the contractor or sub-contractor has no employees and does not hire nor intend to hire employees for the purpose of completing any part of the public contract.

For a public contract, contractors must sign the Contractor E-Verify Affidavit, all subcontractors must sign the Subcontractor E-Verify Affidavit and all Sub-subcontractors must sign the Sub-Subcontractor Affidavit.

HCPL is required to ensure that the Contractor E-Verify Affidavit is part of the contract; however, the contractor is responsible for all subcontractor affidavits and the subcontractors are responsible for the sub-subcontractors affidavits.

For contractor’s not familiar with Georgia’s E-Verify laws, more information can be found at

Is there an existing network rack with a minimum of 10U available?
Answer: Yes.
Are plans of the existing coaxial cable runs available?
Answer: No, we do not have the coaxial cable plans.
Are layout plans of the existing indoor/outdoor cameras available?
Answer: Yes, see here: Link.
Are layout plans for the new camera available?
Answer: Yes, see here: Link.
Do you have a hard or acoustical ceiling?
Answer: We have an acoustical ceiling.
How long will the cameras need to hold recordings for?
Answer: The current 32 cameras are set to record only motion over a set of 30 days. This is the preferred set up for the new system.
Will HCPL be providing PoE network switches for the new cameras, or will the contractor need to provide them?
Answer: HCPL currently has PoE network switches available.
Are CAT6 patch panels and patch cables required, or can the camera network cabling terminate directly to the network switches?
Answer: There is no preference.
Will HCPL be providing an uninterruptible power supply for the video recording server and network switches, or will the contractor need to provide?
Answer: HCPL has UPS available.
Are any video workstations and/or monitors required?
Answer: We have video workstations available for cameras.
Is a Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse (KMM) unit required for the server rack?
Answer: We have KMM available.
Are integral infrared (IR) illuminators required for the new cameras?
No, they are not required, but allowable.
Will HPCL provide internet connectivity for remote viewing of live/recorded video via an app?
Answer: Yes.
Will the video be required to be viewed from any existing workstations?
Answer: Yes.
How often is preventative maintenance desired for the service/maintenance agreement?
Answer: There is no preference. 
Are we to assume that all new J-hooks and cable supports are required?
Answer: Yes.
Is there any existing cable tray that can be utilized for new cabling?
Answer: To our current knowledge, no.
Will the new camera in the entrance alcove be wall mounted (similar to existing outdoor cameras)?
Answer: Yes.
Will work need to be performed after hours/weekends when the library is closed?
Answer: There is no preference on when work can be completed, but if bidders believe their work may disrupt the basic operations of the library in a significant manner, times can be set before or outside public opening hours.
What level of RAID storage is required for the recording server?
Answer: There is no preference.
Do you want a cloud-native or on-prem video management system or both?
Answer: There is no preference. 
Are analytic notification and search features important for your business?
Answer: There is no preference.
Will trenching be required?
Answer: No.
Will lead and asbestos abatement be required?
Answer: No.
Are any of the buildings listed as historic buildings?
Answer: No.
Will existing equipment need to be tested?
Answer: No.
What are the "testing requirements" for the new or upgraded system(s)?
Answer: There are no preferences.
Is the government able to extend the solicitation's due date?
Answer: No.
Will remote access to the NVR be granted for maintenance and service ability?
Answer: If deemed necessary by the contractor, yes.
Would it be allowed to reposition and repurpose 4 outside cameras and add 4 new cameras to the total to gain a more complete coverage view of all outside doors and windows for all 4 sides of building?
Answer: We do not require cameras on all 4 sides of the building.
Are there any required camera types for both indoor and outdoor cameras?
Answer: There is no preference, bidders may use best judgement to select camera types.